White Cloud Community Library

News & Events

  • Library Events

    The White Cloud Community Library offers a range of activities at the library for patron enjoyment. Below is a list of such events. Note that these events will be removed shortly after they have ended and more events will be added as they are planned and approved.

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  • Employment Application

    A downloadable copy of the White Cloud Community Library Application. This file can be accessed at any time, although it is not guaranteed that a position will be open. To check if there is an opening, please view the Library News tab.

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  • On the Bulleting Board

    A collection of the items that can be found on the bulletin board at the library. This list will change semi-regularly due to an event ending, the 30 day period ending (as outlined in the Bulletin Board Policy PDF found in the Library Policies tab), or a lack of room on the board occurring. To add an item to the bulletin board, please review our policy and then speak with someone at the front desk.

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