White Cloud Community Library

On the Bulleting Board

A collection of the items that can be found on the bulletin board at the library. This list will change semi-regularly due to an event ending, the 30 day period ending (as outlined in the Bulletin Board Policy PDF found in the Library Policies tab), or a lack of room on the board occurring. To add an item to the bulletin board, please review our policy and then speak with someone at the front desk.
  • Advanced Trauma Training.pdf

    A flyer outlining the various events that will be held at the Miller Wing, Career Center in Big Rapids. These events include information on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Substance exposure and abuse, and much more.

    application/pdf Advanced Trauma Training.pdf — 88 KB

  • Child Help 1.pdf

    A flyer about the how a parent who made a mistake and abused a child may confidentially speak with someone about how to amend their behavior.

    application/pdf Child Help 1.pdf — 85 KB

  • Child Help 2.pdf

    A flyer focused on having children who have suffered from abuse, bullying, or neglect call confidentially so they may talk to someone who's goal is to help.

    application/pdf Child Help 2.pdf — 88 KB

  • Christian Counseling and Life Coach.pdf

    A flyer outlining a service pertaining to christian life counseling and how to make an appointment.

    application/pdf Christian Counseling and Life Coach.pdf — 87 KB

  • Department of Eductation News Release.pdf

    Information about the Michigan Department of Education's Meet Up and Eat Up Summer program. This is a program so that children up to the age of 18 may find a government approved location to receive free meals. Visit the website on the flyer to find a map of the locations.

    application/pdf Department of Eductation News Release.pdf — 34 KB

  • DHHS Used Clothes Closet.pdf

    A flyer outlining the location, hours, and requirements of the DHHS Used Clothes Closet.

    application/pdf DHHS Used Cloths Closet.pdf — 54 KB

  • Election Alert.pdf

    A flyer about the Statewide Primary Election. This will remain up after the date as a reminder of the elections in November.

    application/pdf Election Alert.pdf — 81 KB

  • Every Woman's Place.pdf

    A card with contact information for a service out of Muskegon that aims to help and protect women who have suffered through violence.

    application/pdf Every Woman's Place.pdf — 9 KB

  • Experiance Works.pdf

    Information on a program that assists seniors in need with finding a job upon qualification.

    application/pdf Experiance Works.pdf — 34 KB

  • FiveCap Preschool.pdf

    A flyer outlining the different services provided by the FiveCAP, Inc. Preschool, as well as information on how to enroll.

    application/pdf FiveCap Preschool.pdf — 106 KB

  • Great Lakes Caring.pdf

    A flyer looking for volunteers. For a list of possible responsibilities, please see the flyer.

    application/pdf Great Lakes Caring.pdf — 50 KB

  • Michigan Legal Help.pdf

    A pamphlet about the free services that are offered at MichiganLegalHelp.org.

    application/pdf Michigan Legal Help.pdf — 29 KB

  • Newaygo County Museum and Heritage Center.pdf

    A poster card outlining the hours and the days that the Heritage Museum is open. For an updated list of events and information about the Museum, please visit their website at www.newaygocountyhistory.org, or through the link in the Local History Section.

    application/pdf Newaygo County Museum and Heritage Center.pdf — 42 KB

  • Newaygo County Treasury Resources.pdf

    A list of different Agencies, as well as their contact information, that may be able to assist with delinquent taxes, determined upon review.

    application/pdf Newaygo County Treasury Resources.pdf — 32 KB

  • Preschool Flyer.pdf

    information about early development and contact information for a preschool program located at numerous locations all over Newaygo County.

    application/pdf Preschool Flyer.pdf — 78 KB

  • Property Tax Assistance.pdf

    FiveCAP, Inc. assistance with property tax. This program ends September 30th. For a list of requirements and for contact information, please see flyer.

    application/pdf Property Tax Assistance.pdf — 92 KB

  • Quest Adult Education.pdf

    Classes with a flexible schedule for adults to earn their GED, ABE, or High School Diploma.

    application/pdf Quest Adult Education.pdf — 22 KB

  • Rotary Annual Duck Race.pdf

    An Event that will be held on September 22nd at 11 A.M., Hosted by the White Cloud Rotary at the White Cloud Rotary Park, by the Mill Pond. Duck tickets are $5 a piece and are available at the White Cloud Community Library, The White Cloud Branch of Independent Bank, or from members of the White Cloud Rotary. Note that you do not have to be present in order to win one of the prizes.

    application/pdf Rotary Annual Duck Race.pdf — 130 KB

  • 3rd Community and Kids Picnic.pdf

    The 3rd Community and Kids Picnic is a free event that will be held on August 21st from 6P.M. to 8P.M. at the White Cloud Rotary Park. There will be games, food, prizes,and music. There is also the opportunity to meet with many public service members, such as police officers, firefighters, and many more!

    application/pdf 3rd Community and Kids Picnic.pdf — 139 KB

  • Wounded Warrior Project Festival.pdf

    A military-devoted festival featuring live music, disc golf, a bonfire, and food. It will run August 25th and 26th and will be located at 276 S. Spruce Ave. White Cloud.

    application/pdf Wounded Warrior Project Festival.pdf — 109 KB