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White Cloud Community Library

Automatic Renewals

Have you ever forgot a book's due date and brought it in a little late? Has the weather ever prevented you from being able to bring your materials back?
A new service through the Lakeland Library Cooperative may be able to help prevent this from happening again! An auto renewal service has been added to our system, so when certain materials reach their due date, they will be renewed for the usual duration of that item. There are, however, a few rules to the auto renewal service that you should be aware of:
  • One-Day Movies will not be automatically renewed
  • Computer Games will not be automatically renewed
  • Items that have a hold on them will not be automatically renewed
  • Items that have reached the maximum number of renewals will not be automatically renewed
  • If an item is borrowed from another library, it will use their rules for auto renewal, with the possibility of auto renewal not working on that item
  • MELs will not be automatically renewed
This service is designed to work as a safety net to help prevent patrons from incurring fines, but we recommend that patrons be aware of the status of their items. If a patron believes that there item will automatically renew, but a hold was placed on it, they would be subjected to the usual fines for the item. Manual renewals are still available by:
  • Calling the automated phone renewal service at 616-453-2575*
  • Calling the White Cloud Community Library at 231-689-6382 or coming in
  • Using services such as Shout Bomb*
*These services will require your Library Card Number and your Pin number
We hope this service will be helpful to our patrons! if you have any questions, please feel free to ask someone at the front desk for more information or for clarification.