White Cloud Community Library

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this program cost?

Absolutely nothing! Our programs are always free and open to all ages (unless otherwise specified). Most of our funding comes from grants and local community support. Make sure to check out our list of sponsors and stop in to tell them thank you for supporting our program.  

When do my children need to be at the library?

The great thing about this program is that there are no set days or times when you have to bring your children in for their prizes. While we do hold many special programs throughout the summer, they are all optional and children will still be able to complete the program and attend our finisher's party without attending them. While we do recommend that you visit us once a week, you can come in anytime we are open and the program is flexible enough that you can miss a week and catch up on the prizes when you are able to visit us again. 

How does the reading log work?

Once your child signs up for the program, they will be given a log to keep track of their reading goals. Generally, children who are in kindergarten and younger will be read to and parents need only write down the titles of the pictures books that were read. Children who read chapter books will keep track of minutes read instead of book titles. Children in transition can split their time between reading on their own and being read to by parents, siblings, or even babysitters. Older children and teens will read their own materials and parents merely need to verify that they have completed their minutes for the week. Once their reading log has been filled out for the week, children and teens can come to the library any time we are open to collect their prizes.

How old do my children need to be?

Our program is open to kids ages 2 - 18. We do have separate reading goals for different age groups. For example, toddlers will complete a different log book than teenagers as well as earn different prizes. We try to tailor the program to varying interests and reading ability whenever possible. 

How can a child participate in this program if they cannot read?

Reading expectations are different for every age group. Children in kindergarten and under earn prizes by being read to (parents, grandparents, older siblings, or babysitters all count!) and listening to audio books. 
Children who are in the transition between reading and being read to are allowed to split their time logged (they read independently some of the time and are read to by parents or by listening to audio materials the rest of the time). 
Generally, older children and teenagers will read or listen to their own books and parents only need to verify that they have fulfilled their weekly reading requirement.

What kinds of prizes will my children earn?

Every week your child completes their reading goal, they will earn a different coupon that has been donated by a local business (for example, Sally's Family Restaurant donates a free ice cream cone while Maike's Bakery donates doughnuts). We also have a grab box of fun little prizes for your kids and their name will be entered into a grand prize drawing. 
All children who complete their reading log are eligible to attend a finisher's party complete with games, food, and lots of extra fun!

What if my child is signed up for Project Focus, Summer Magic, or something else?

No problem! That is the amazing thing about our summer reading program... you can still participate in all of the fun our community has to offer! WCCL works with both Project Focus and Summer Magic so that your child can enjoy maximum benefit from all of the programs he is attending. Since all of their reading is done at home, there are no time constraints to hinder participation. Also, Summer Magic walks to our library to enjoy all of the fun special performers that we offer at our library. 

Can children listen to audio books?

We definitely allow (and encourage) kids and teens to listen to their books on CD. We do request that parents ensure that children are still reading printed books for at least half of their log. Audio books are a fun way to encourage reluctant readers and they are so portable that your child can listen to them while doing chores, riding their bike, or going on a road trip!

Do magazines or graphic novels count towards my child's goal?

We prefer that children and teens read age-appropriate novels or nonfiction books. The above materials tend not to have the same word count as books and it makes the fairness of the program questionable. We work really hard to make sure that children are reading the same amounts for chances to earn prizes and will not count magazines or graphic novels. If your child has a hard time finding books that they like, feel free to stop at the Youth Services desk! We will definitely take the time to help your child find a book on a topic that they are interested in reading :)